Site acquisition

General overview

This concerns deployment of Wireless Networks (2G/3G/HSDPA/TETRA/WIFI/WIMAX/...) and more specifically the first part of the process which includes (when applicable):

  • Candidate Search
  • Technical visit
  • Design proposal and control (including stability studies, soil tests, ...)
  • Building Permit requests & follow-up
  • BIPT file
  • Lease agreement negotiation with owners;

According to customer specific processes and tools. These activities can be performed for new networks, upgrades (2G to 3G), add-ons (e.g. microwave links), swaps (supplier change), etc. TerUsus has gathered lot of experience in this field of operations and already has preferred partners per region in order to fulfill all customer requirements. Project management & coordination is performed by TerUsus. Also site negotiation depending on volumes and locations. For the engineering part, TerUsus has developed agreements with several architects and engineering offices. In case of specific needs, TerUsus can rely on an important networking for e.g. lobbying purposes, etc.

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